Blog Of Inspiration: April Showers

Please raise your hand if you do NOT want an awesome blog design for your fabulous blog?

That's what I thought.

You're in luck because we've got one of the greatest blog designers this side of the Pacific Ocean to tell you about: April at April Showers Blog Design.

April takes "custom" to a whole new level of, "I just gotta have that." Even though April is booked through September, she took the time to answer some questions for us here at i love the way she blogs.

Let's just start with the basics: How did you get into blog designing?

Well my majors in college were TV Production and Advertising - so I figured a class like Photoshop would be beneficial. Little did I know I’d make a living from one class! I’ve always been very creative, so I don’t know why I didn’t just major in Graphic Design instead. Anyway, I started a blog, tweaked the design, and liked it so much I did it for free to build a portfolio. The rest is history!

Your designs are cute and whimsical and FUN. Where does your inspiration come from?

Honestly, everything I do is VERY custom, so usually it’s the owner of the blog who has the brilliant idea – I am just able to bring that to life! Ha!

I described your style as cute, whimsical and fun, but how would you describe your style? Or do you even really have a specific style since you do so many different designs?

I really don't have a specific style. My style really stems from what the client wants. I'm not even sure what "whimsical" means exactly despite the many requests I get for layouts like that! LOL... It just so happens that all the designs I've done SO FAR are cute, "whimsical", fun, etc... but I'm fully able to do professional, exciting, artsy, abstract...whatever suits the client's style.

*Authors Note: In my little world, I think of whimsical as "Fairy Tale-ish." So if April designs your blog everything will start out, "Once upon a time..." and end "Happily ever after," with a few songs thrown in for good measure.

You know I'm a HUGE fan of your blog designs (obviously, since I'm having you design my personal blog). You also have a large readership and you're already booked up for designs until the beginning of October. What do you think it is about your designs/style that people love and want?

I think it might be the custom illustrations. I don’t know of anyone else who offers that, and 90% of people who get a design, also want a cartoon made to look like them! I studied the style of the popular stock photos and other designs out there, and just sort of created my own “thing” from it I guess! Other than those, I feel my prices are pretty fair and you really get what you pay for with unlimited drafts, which I don't see very often.

It seems like there are a million and one different blogs out there that offer free blog designs. What all do you offer to your customers that makes it worth paying you for one of your blog designs instead of getting one for free?

I’ve wondered this myself. But I think it might be because people want the entire she-bang. Including service. Hours and hours, and drafts upon drafts go into each person’s layout and they are very customized and perfected to suit each client. I think that’s worth it in the end to have exactly what you want, instead of a blog designer who gets irritated with your edits or will only let you tweak it SO much, you know?

That being said, you do offer some freebies. What kind of goodies can I pick up from your blog?

I have tons of free buttons and sidebar tiles to spruce up your sidebars! I plan on offering free premade layouts soon (ish) once I get some time to do so as well.

Just a couple of the free blinkies and buttons April offers. Get them here!

For those of us that have never had a custom made design from you, can you walk us through the design process and what we can expect from you?

Well, when I start your layout I take all the images and details you’ve given me and fabricate an idea in my head of what I envision for your blog. If you’re picky, details are good. If not, being vague is cool too. Everyone sort of has an idea for what they’d like their blog to look like in the end. I’m just the one who spent hours on figuring out how to bring them to life for you! I’ll send you a draft of your entire layout. Then you tell me what you think. I’ll make any changes you’d like and keep sending drafts until you are 100% happy!

I'll bet some people can get pretty picky and bossy when it comes to their blog design. What are some things customers should do when ordering a blog design....you know, to make the process easier for you and for them?

LOL! Wow, you really DO know me! Yes, I’ve had my share of pickier clients. I’ve also had the ones that love the first draft. Generally if you know you’re picky, or you REALLY know what you want…details, pictures, and images really help. If you are completely unsure, then give me free reign! But usually the problem arises when a client says “Do whatever you want!” then gets into detailed changes that weren’t initially mentioned. So staying consistent is the key.

Customers will find something fairly new on your blog, pre-made designs. You offer 3 pre-made designs already...any plans on offering more than that?

Oh absolutely! But as you can see I have my schedule pretty well booked for awhile, and clients are number one. So once I feel I have caught up, then I can work more on pre-made designs. I also plan on offering much less expensive ones too, so look forward to that!

One of April's Pre-Made Designs. However, while it is pre-made, April does customize it a bit to fit your blog. Check out the details here!

I know you've created (Do you know how many exactly?) blog designs, but do you have 3 favorite?

Gosh, I have no idea. Many of the ones I’ve made aren’t even in my portfolio because well – I am just disorganized sometimes and forget! (The prices you pay for being creative I guess.) But most of my faves are in the portfolio now. I’m pretty proud of “There’s Always Plan Bee”, “Pulsipher Predilections,” and “Status: Single.” My faves vary from time to time. Usually ones that are unique, or took a lot of time are the ones I really love.

In your "About" section you say you do more than just blog designs. What other awesomeness do you create?

Pretty much anything! I’ve designed a lot of logos (which again, aren’t anywhere on my blog yet), business cards, wedding announcements, birthday invitations… I’ve even had requests for chore charts! I also do photo editing and restoration. So the possibilities really are endless…(unless we get to tattoos…not sure on that one yet.)

You posted about a new website you're working on, "The Organic Girls." Can you tell us a bit about it and when we can expect it to add it to our blogrolls?

Yeah! I'm really excited about it, and so are the 7 other editors I've chosen. It's basically a site for anyone who wants to start going Organic, natural, eco-friendly... whatever you'd like to call it. We have editors who know a LOT about natural, organic living - and editors who are just starting out and documenting their journey. We also have two teenage editors who can give us a fresh perspective as well. I am in the process of gathering material, and the design of the site is already finished. I expect it will be fully functional by the first of August.

Don't you just love the fabulousness of all April offers?! So what are you waiting for? Scoot on over to April Showers Blog Design and get in line! That April...I love the way she blogs!

written by (army)Wife