Fresh Angle on Photos

We all take pictures. We want to put them on our blogs and show the world the great things we find in our lives. But, let's use that photography to make the world a little more interesting - a little more unique. I've gathered a few examples here, just to get you started - the rest is up to you and your creativity - get out there!!

(Photo credit to Megan Krenz)

This first example is a classic family portrait - with a twist. Mom and Dad are stealing away in the background while the kids are arranged with a classic touch. Simple, powerful and sweet - all rolled up into a great group shot.

(photo credit to Tina Ball)

This second example shows a way to use perspective. Those hay bales are further away, of course, but doesn't it make you think? How can you use depth in your photos? Next time you are at the airport, you could literally catch a plane -- just stay off of the runways, okay?

(Photo credit to Tina Ball, editing done in Picnik)

This third example shows a way to use the "usual" in an "unusual" way. I think of those AT&T commercials that show the "bars" as trees, or buildings, or whatever. Take what you see everyday and show it back to the world with your twist to it. On a side note - this photo literally appeared in front of the camera - grab those shots, they don't hang around long. Have that camera, or phone, at the ready.

(Photo credit to Kristen Varnell)

This last example uses a few of the techniques we have already covered - perspective, and the "usual" in an "unusual" way - and blends them. It also reminds me that we capture not just our adorable children, but, we capture humor.

Creativity does not require a fancy camera or even great preparation. It is more what you make with what you have that shows imagination and vision. Take what you have and use it. Find the angle in your photographs.

So next time you are taking a photo of the kids, try something new. Have them form a pyramid, look through a window, pop their heads out from behind a tree, or lie on the floor with their heads together, all looking straight up at the camera.

Use a fresh angle on your photos! Leave us a comment and let us know about your creations!!!!