Blogger's New and Easy Toolbar: PAGES

I found an awesome widget on Blogger today!
It's called Pages.
Which is the perfect widget for making a toolbar for your blog.
The easiest way to make a toolbar EVER.

(FYI: the toolbar is the line of horizontal links that are directly below a header; it is also know as Tabs or a navigation bar. Our toolbar says "home... about us...etc)

I almost thought that I was dreaming when I saw it. Seriously, I have been searching the web for months trying to figure out how to make a toolbar for I Love The Way She Blogs and ended up with a very very time consuming toolbar made up of all buttons.

To make a toolbar of your own:

go to LAYOUT

then to ADD A WIDGET

you should see the ''Pages" widget listed first

I would love to hear if you are able to get a toolbar up and running on your blog.

Leave us a link to your blog in the comments if you wish to :)

Happy Blogging!