How much money do bloggers really make on their blogs?


No matter your blog topic most bloggers want to know, what do other bloggers make on their blogs.
It seems that the revenue of each blog can vary so greatly that there is no easy answer. I've gathered information that will give you a good idea of what it takes to bring in money to your blog. And then let's carry on the conversation in the comments.

Let's start with Forbes.com's numbers.  Did you know that as of 2012 there were 18.9 million women bloggers and 16 million men bloggers? Forbes goes on to tell us that of those staggering numbers the bottom 20% of women bloggers earn no income on their blogs while the top 10% of women bloggers can earn over $100,000 yearly.

Forbes suggests that the middle 70% of women bloggers receive some, if not all of their earnings from free products or services:

"Brands generally review a woman’s blog and check to see if she is active on Twitter, but they don’t require millions, or even thousands, of visitors. In fact, brand executives and women bloggers say the going rate for a $300 kitchen product is 500 monthly views; an all-expense trip to Hawaii requires at least 20,000 monthly views."

Amy Lynn Andrews asks on her blog for comments to be left about how long bloggers have been blogging, how many page views they have, and how much money they make each month on their blog. It's also interesting to read in those comments about how they bring in money to their blog.

Amy says she spends 4-6 hours a day on her blog, reaches 13,149 pageviews monthly and earns $500 a month.

On Amy's blog along with the other sites's I've read, blogging for money is a long term commitment. If you need money to pay the rent this month then starting a blog is not the way to go. Your blog could take months to bring in the traffic needed to bring in a modest income.  It will take maintenance and effort to keep that traffic coming in over the years.

According to the chart above found here, only 14% of bloggers bring in a salary through blogging.  And the average income is $24,086.

These numbers suggest that many blogs either do not attempt to bring in revenue or they simply cannot bring in much.  What has been your experience with blogging?  I would love to continue the conversation in the comment section below. I'll leave the first comment!