Spring Cleaning your Blog

Just by simply walking into someone's home you learn a lot about who they are.  From the art on the walls to the clothes on the floor, everything says something about the people living there. 
There is a reason why we "spring clean" our homes.  Things build up and pile up almost on their own and spring is a great time to sort through it all.

Have you ever thought about what the design of your blog says about you?  People sometimes click onto a blog and then off again before they could even read a word.  Why? Usually because the look of the blog tells them what they are going to get.  I personally have clicked off of many blogs that simply looked too immature, assuming that they didn't have any content worth my time.

So let me challenge you to "spring clean" your blog!  Take off those old buttons.  Put up some news posts, and by golly change some colors.

My husband and I are in the middle of some major spring cleaning at home.  Our large projection tv nearly caught on fire!  So it's out of the house and we have pleanty of room for a flat screen!  We searched all weekend for a console/ tv stand and I think I finally found one I like!!

Leave a comment with your address so we can all see your "clean" blog!
Happy Blogging!
-Lilly J