Welcome back to ilovethewaysheblogs!

I Love the Way She Blogs is back from a long hiatus!

We have had a pretty busy summer:
  • helping our friends sell their house
  • buying our own house
  • kids finishing school
  • moving to a new state
  • teaching the kids to say "yes mam" (as required by the new state :)
  • two family weddings on the other side of the country
  • starting school again
  • and home renovations!

But truthfully, the reason for the hiatus was that I was more than annoyed with Blogger. Sometimes I find their site SO frustrating, because certain features (like photo uploads) will just stop working.

I know I'm not the only one.

So, I am curious which version of Blogger my readers are currently using. Are you using the update in BLOGGER IN DRAFT? Or have you stuck to the trusty ORIGINAL BLOGGER?

Let me know what is working for you! Leave a comment or take the poll on the right sidebar.

It feels good to be back.
Expect more posts to come.
Here is a picture of our renovation room.  I will post some 'afters' in the weeks to come... should we ever finish!