Blog of Inspiration: Once Upon A Holiday

For those of us who celebrate Christmas the countdown began the day after Thanksgiving. For Amy at Once Upon A Holiday the countdown for Christmas 2009 began on December 26, 2008.

Amy loves Christmas and the holidays so much she dedicated an entire blog to showing you how you can "Make Everyday Like Christmas!"

Lots of people love Christmas. However, their Christmas participation usually just includes the month of December. Why do you love Christmas so much that you decided to dedicate a yearlong blog to the holiday?
Because Christmas, for me, is the happiest time of the year. I am not just talking about the day but about the whole season. Everyone is so cheerful and full of generosity. It seems that just for a moment in time the world really is a better place and people love each other, differences put a side! Think about the war… the value of Christmas made fighting cease and both sides came together to celebrate like brothers.

No matter whether you believe Christmas is the King’s birthday or a commercially driven holiday, I think it is a powerful thing meant not to drive people away but to bring them together.

I made it all year long to stretch out some of the holiday cheer. I know whenever I a feeling down just about anything Christmas can bring me back up again. That is what I want my blog to be; a tool not only for helping to plan your festivities but a dose of happiness too.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? cookie? movie?
That is a very good and hard question… I have a million little traditions! Probably it would be going light looking after the Christmas Eve service. We always scout out new areas to check out but seem to return to our favourites! There is something magical about all the Christmas light on Christmas Eve, an excitement in the air, I just love it!

My favorite cookie is the Chocolate Crackles and movie - 100% without a doubt - Elf!!! It is sooo funny and shows such Christmas cheer!

Where do you get your inspiration for your holiday posts?
Everywhere… really – at the risk of seeming corny; Christmas is all around us!
There are also so many different aspects of Christmas that it is a seemingly endless list of things to write about!

Amy's house last Christmas.

This year Christmas spending is going to be tight for a lot of families because of the economy. What are some things families can do to still have a great budget-friendly Christmas?
I can’t stress this enough; handmade Christmas gifts are the most thoughtful and meaningful gifts! Everyone has a talent and no two peoples are the same, so be creative!

Also start early – Shop the sales!!!

In our family we draw names for the siblings (and there is a $50 dollar limit) we do this in the spring so we have a ton of time to find the perfect gift! If you know who you are buying for early you can listen to all the little things they need / want or simply comment on. I keep a journal of random thoughts and gift ideas for each person I buy for, that way I’m not scrambling to remember what they had said months later!

A holiday planter Amy and her mother made togther.

When readers visit your blog what three posts are MUST reads?
Outdoor Christmas Lights - will definitely get readers with some shock value!
Eating Tips for the Holidays - that is just good humor!
The Christmas Crackle Cookie Recipe – one of my all time favorites!

Crackle Cookie

What are some ways that families can continue the holiday spirit and season past December 26?
To continue the holiday spirit, I like to plan for next year's Christmas shopping, keeping a journal of decor, menu & gift ideas. Shop the boxing week sales for Christmas themed gifts for next year(i.e. Christmas pajamas are a quarter of the cost!) I also buy my Christmas cards and wrapping paper during boxing week.

But I love to listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas movies all through the year! I find they are an instant pick me up! But with that being said I did walk down the aisle to Michael W. Smith's -Audrey's Gift from his Christmas album... and my wedding was in June. I think that might classify me as a Christmas nut! :)

If you're looking for some great ways to have a fabulous holiday season and a year full of the holiday spirit head on over to Once Upon A Holiday! That Amy...I love the way she blogs!