A Day In The Life

We all have moments we want to treasure. We want to use our later years to look back on our days and bring back all the good "stuff". Our blogs can help us do that.

As a Mom of young children, my days are filled with laundry, meals, running errands, sports practices, more laundry, cleaning, kids homework, the occasional blog post, and more laundry. You get the idea...

My mother, a wise and talented woman (Hi Ma!), once told me to ENJOY all this. She even said I should take pictures of it. What? Pictures of my over-flowing hampers? Yes, she said. Take a picture.

She was right. I will be a Mom of teenagers soon enough. Just around that corner is Grandmom! I will miss this chaos and hub-bub one day. One day I will look back on this busy season and be a little sad. One day.

But, today, I will take pictures of my over-flowing laundry hamper. And my sink with the breakfast dishes crusting over. And my kids toys scattered underfoot. And my children playing and smiling and being little. Because one day, I will not have this. Today, I do.

So my challenge to you today, dear blogging friends, is to document what your day is like. Choose a day (really soon) and take a picture every hour. Document what you are doing, where you are, or how you feel about it. One day we'll look back and smile.