Remembering the Quips, etc...

by Tina

I often think to myself, as a push through my day, that I have to remember that. I have to remember that my six year old said the cutest thing. I have to remember that my ten year did something all on her own, without being asked. I have to remember that my husband told me how good dinner was while he made sure the kids cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher for me.

Our blogs are all about remembering. We are documenting these little daily occurrences. I wanted to share with you my way of remembering.

I need life to be in categories, so, I think of these quips from my life in categories. "Cute Kid Quotes" and "Proud Mom Moments", for example. In blogging, I guess they are called Labels.

So a blog post might start out like: "Today Charlie said the funniest thing..." and then it would include a picture of her with a big goofy smile. Or, a picture of my loaded dishwasher and a little blurb about how the kids are growing and helping more.

Find the little moments in your life and snap a picture. That way, when you see the photo, you might more easily remember the reason for taking it. Blog about these little moments and they will become the stories that are told for generations.

Can't you hear your great-great children saying this - Way back '09, your great-great grandmother had a thing called a blog (ancient technology) and she wrote about something your great grandmother, Charlie, said when she was just six years old ....

Experience it, photograph it, blog it, remember it!