How to Write On Your Pictures/ Add Text/ Edit Your Pictures for Your Blog

UPDATE: The best site as of 2014 for photo editing is Picmonkey.com.  The site "Picnik" has closed down/ merged with google, I believe. Picmonkey is an easy to navigate website. You will NOT need to download any software.  All photo editing can be done on the web. Love it!

on with the old stuff:

When I first started blogging I used Lunapic to edit my photos and thought it was pretty great. But now I have found Picnik and have just loved the results. The three most important things for me when choosing a picture editing site are:
  1. I find a site that is FREE
  2. that I don't have to DOWNLOAD any thing for
  3. I don't have to register for (why does every site I visit need my email address anyway?!?)
Here are some of the pictures I've created for my personal blog posts:
Making a collage or adding text to your pictures can add interest and variety to your blog. It can also help detract from your horrible photographic abilities, as in my case.

Ok, but the most important item you can make on a photo editing site is your header! Have you ever wondered how people made their headers? All you need to do is:
  1. find a picture you like and save it to your computer.
  2. Open the picture in Picnik and edit it (resize if needed, add your blog title, etc...)
  3. save the new edited picture to your computer.
  4. To add this picture to your Blogger blog as a header go to "Layout" , "edit" in the Header Box, and "add image". Easy Peasy!
Happy Blogging!


Dari said...

I love learning new blogging tricks!! :) and thanks for your comments too!

Jenny said...

I love that you have shared this trick. I am getting ready to redesign my bloggs. This is going to be awesome to do my self.

Eleanor Hoh said...

Hi Lilly, I really appreciate all your "How to's" for Blogger esp. this one for Header and Pages. I like your simple step by step. Blogger's terminology is in tech speak! Before I start making changes on my old Blogger (not Blogger in Draft), can you confirm this one and Pages is for the old Blogger? Really appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

Lilly J said...

Yes Eleanor :) This post is for the old blogger. And everything I wrote about pages is for the old blogger. But I am pretty sure that the steps can be applied to blogger in draft as well.

Eleanor Hoh said...

Thank you Lilly, my Blogger goddess. Very excited to try fun stuff.

Living a Pretty Good Life said...

Thank you, this is fantastic! How did I not know about this site? Little things like this make my day. =)