Blogs of Inspiration: One Cute Blog... again:)


Ok, so I was just visiting my favorite blog, again, and saw that she has added TONS of new Free Blinkies and Layouts/Backgrounds. She is amazing and so sweet to give away so much for free. I thought I should show you a few here in case you were looking for a Blinkie or Button to add to your sidebar. She even has some that tell people you are a member of the LDS church.

Crazy fun huh? And she has tons of them, I didn't even read all of them there are that many (and because the wild children are sleeping and I must get some housework done).

I love that she shares her talent so willingly and I love that she is starting to blog a little more about herself. Oh the housework is calling...

But before I go I must say, "That Kris... I love the way she blogs!"