Blogs of Inspiration

Where are you in the life of your blog? Just starting out... or is your blog in need of a revamp? Either way, you should visit some other blogs to get an idea of what you like. To open your eyes to the many voices of the blogging world I would like to introduce you to "Blogs of Inspiration".

Our first blog of inspiration comes from the mind Stephanie Nielson in the Nie Nie Dialogues. Since September 2005 Stephanie has been allowing readers into her life as she posts about restoring a little retro bookshelf or playing make-believe with her son. Stephanie's voice is consistent in her blog; a mother of 4, a loving wife to her husband and a believer in living a good life; she shares much with her readers. In August of 08, Stephanie and her husband Christian were in a serious plane crash, in which their good friend, Doug Kinneard was killed. Stephanie and Christian are recovering and starting their lives over again. Stephanie is still blogging and sharing her life with her readers. As you visit her blog, you will notice her strong, consistent voice and you will also notice her strength in a challenging time of her life. Go. Read her blog. I must say, that Stephanie... I love the way she blogs!